Dolce Experience





Enjoy a 50-minute ride on one of our American-built rowing gondolas

with delicious cheesecake.  Each person will receive a half-pint mason jar filled

with one of our three delicious cheesecake options.


Wine or Champagne available.  See Specialty Enhancements for pricing.






Dolce Experience (50 minutes) (two guests included) $135.00
  Additional guests (each) $30.00


All cruises are priced for two guests; additional guest rates are listed
Rates do not include gratuity
There will be an additional charge for non-standard pickup and/or drop-off locations
Prices not valid on holidays and Valentine’s Week; please call for these rates



Menu Options


  • Lemon Cheesecake topped with an unbelievably creamy Meyer Lemon Curd, and a side of Macadamia Nut Graham Cracker Streusel (crunchy topping)
  • Chocolate Cheesecake with creamy white chocolate and dark chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate cookie, almond, and dark chocolate crumble
  • Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake* with dark chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate cookie and almond crumble


Enjoy your desserts aboard, or share and take one home for later.

To keep the romance alive long after your gondola cruise, repurpose the mason jars as votive candle holders for year-round use. Cheesecakes are provided
by local culinary artist, “Matt’s Cheesecake”.





Daily, 24 hours.  A late night fee will be applied


to any cruises that start at 11:00pm or later.